Civil Air Patrol
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Command Element

Lt Col Lynn E. Walker


1st Lt Carol Cordova-Padilla

Deputy Commander

Administration and Personnel Department

Administrative Division

2d Lt Christopher R. Fuentes-Padilla

Administrative Officer

SM Jennings Li

Assistant Administrative Officer

Personnel Division

1st Lieutenant Carol Cordova-Padilla

Assistant Personnel Officer

SM Julien Wolfe

Assistant Personnel Officer


Emergency Services Department

1st Lt Herman M. Bayter

Emergency Services Officer

Communications Department

2d Lt Christopher R. Fuentes-Padilla

Communications Officer

Public Affairs and Marketing Department

The Public Affairs and Marketing Department, here at Academy Cadet Squadron, is the single most, publicly visible, group of staff officers and NCOs. From recruiting new members, retaining our current ones and meeting with local leaders to making visits to the city’s government officials, this department volunteers round the clock to make our unit’s presence known throughout the city.

2d Lt Christopher R. Fuentes-Padilla

Recruitment & Retention Officer

C/SMSgt Anthony B. Rodriguez

Cadet Recruiting NCO

C/MSgt Isabella L. Castillo

Cadet Public Affairs NCO

Logistics and Supply Element

The Academy Cadet Squadron’s Logistics and Supply Element is noticeably the most important team of cadets in the unit. The element is responsible for a great many things from ensuring uniform supplies are in order to making orders for new equipment for the varying events, SAR training missions and communications training activities we have.

SM James Maxham

Assistant Supply Officer


C/SrA Jonathon King

Cadet Supply Airman

Aerospace Education Department

1st Lt Carol Cordova-Padilla

Assistant Aerospace Education Officer

SM Dorian Gordon

Assistant Aerospace Education Officer

C/SSgt Atalay Erem

Cadet Aerospace Education NCO

Information Technologies Department

The Academy Cadet Squadron, Department of Information Technologies, is responsible for the administration of the unit’s websites, internet accounts, email systems and varying web-based databases. They also serve as the principal supervisory department for the cadet Cyber Patriot competition team and it’s annual championship rounds. It is one of the few staff departments in which a cadet can apply to earn a Civil Air Patrol specialty rating.

2d Lt Christopher R. Fuentes-Padilla

Information Technologies Officer

SM Kenneth D. Lee

Assistant Information Technologies Officer


C/2d Lt Boyuan Zhang

Cadet Information Technologies Officer

1st Lieutenant Carol Cordova-Padilla

Web Security Administrator

1st Lt Herman M. Bayter

Assistant Web Security Administrator

Safety Department

1st Lieutenant Carol Cordova-Padilla

Safety Officer

Cadet Line Staff

C/CMSgt Aira Manampan

Cadet Flight Commander

Alpha Flight

C/CMSgt John W. Sochran

Cadet Flight Commander

Bravo Flight

C/SMSgt Raquel I. Cordova-Padilla

Cadet Flight Sergeant

Alpha Flight

Cadet Advisory Council Delegation

C/MSgt Evan Greene

Unit CAC Representative

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