Civil Air Patrol
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Drug Demand Reduction

DDR Officer: 1st Lt Carol Cordova-Padilla, CAP

Department Mission:

The Civil Air Patrol Drug Demand Reduction Program assists units at all levels to instill an aggressive, positive, drug-free attitude in CAP members, Air Force families, DoD civilians and school-age children through a comprehensive program that:

• Promotes CAP as a positive community service lifestyle.
• Encourages youth to remain in school.

• Focuses on drug abuse awareness, education and prevention.

• Provides positive activities as an alternative to drugs and gang violence.


In the context of the Cadet Program, the CAP DDR program’s vision is: “CAP cadets — applying their leadership skills by serving as ambassadors of the drug-free ethic.”

In the context of senior member activities, the CAP DDR program’s vision is: “CAP senior members — ready to perform Missions for America, unimpeded by substance abuse.”

CAP Regulation 52-22 Drug Demand Reduction Program

The DDR regulation received a total overhaul in February, 2013. Download the regulation in full, and/or view a presentation on the major changes and current status of DDR funding.

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