Civil Air Patrol
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In the Civil Air Patrol, there are various specialties that take care of various tasks and duties within a unit’s scope. These “departments” have a hierarchy of their own within the staff that fill their ranks. In all, they are all held accountable to the unit’s commander for the practice of their duties and the quality of their results.


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A command officer is defined as the Unit Commander, Deputy Commander, Adviser to the Commander, Historian, or Health Services Officer.


OIC: Lt Col Lynn E Walker

Cadet NCO: C/SSgt Isabella L. Castillo

Cadet NCO: C/SSgt Anthony B. Rodriguez

This department is responsible to the unit commander for the appropriate management and coordination of CAP manuals, regulations, policies and other publications at the unit level. Almost every document created by the unit is reviewed by the administrative staff and recorded in writing. This staff often share duties or work together with the Personnel department. Together, the administrative and personnel staffs ensure adequate records management, destruction and transfer between responsible parties in CAP and outside.



OIC: Lt Col Lynn E Walker

This department is held responsible for the adequate records management of the unit’s operations and their membership. From awards to retirements, this department is pivotal to the efficiency of a unit’s professional development and management capabilities.

Cadet Programs

OIC: 1st Lt Carol Cordova-Padilla

Cadet Programs departments are filled by a variety of officers and cadet staff that both love and cherish working with youth and service a specific area of the unit’s programming needs every week. From drill examinations to moral leadership talks, this department often has the MOST long-term interaction with cadets of any other department in Civil Air Patrol in general.


Emergency Services

OIC: 1st Lt Herman M Bayter

As part of the three congressional mandated missions of CAP, our Emergency Services department is actively seeking forms of training for cadets and senior members on a regular basis. Between training exercises, this department is always seeking to work with cadets on becoming familiar with training policies and techniques. Only the most attentive and exceptional officers are appointed as ES staff officers.


OIC: SM Christopher Fuentes-Padilla

Cadet Officer: C/1st Lt Benjamin Andrews Jr.

Cadet NCO: C/MSgt Boyuan Zhang

The communications department focuses on actively advancing education and use of emerging radio communications technology and management sources. Communication during missions, events and other special circumstances is managed by these staff officers.


OIC: 1st Lt Carol Cordova-Padilla

Cadet NCO: C/CMSgt John W. Sochran

This department is held responsible for the safety of ALL members, guests and visitors of the Civil Air Patrol at the unit level. Unit commanders are equally held responsible for the actions of their safety staff. From briefings to currency, safety staff are charged with the task of assuring that members are apprised of risks and issues in the surroundings of unit events or meetings as well as in public.

Public Affairs

OIC: Lt Col Lynn E Walker

Cadet NCO: C/TSgt Raquel Cordova-Padilla

This department is dedicated to the communication of Civil Air Patrol’s missions and programs to the public at large. Community organizations and various civilians will communicate with member of this staff prior to making appointments to visit the unit or meet with the commander. The front gates of the squadron start with this department.

Information Technologies

OIC: 2nd Lt Benjamin Andrews

Webmaster: 1st Lt Joshua Wolinsky

This department is held responsible for the management of internet operations at the unit level and the review of new accounts on social media platforms. IT Officers also serve as Web Security Administrators and work very closely with the Public Affairs department to ensure applicable regulations are being followed in every way.

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